Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Farewell to a Favorite

This past weekend at the Owatonna Festival of the Arts, I said farewell to this beautiful bottle. It was one of my favorite pieces from the first firing of the wood kiln. But it found a great new home and an owner that really loved it. She saw it on while shopping on Saturday and then came back for it on Sunday. She said the piece spoke to her and I know what she means. It spoke to me the minute I took it out of the kiln back in April.

Has anything spoken to you like that? What was it?


Lori Watts said...

I have a small encaustic piece by Maine artist Lori Austill. It grabbed me 15 years ago & still does today.

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

Beautiful piece of pottery.
I am getting a kiln this year and so maybe I will be able to see the true beauty of pottery.

Thanks for sharing