Sunday, February 17, 2013

February 2013 Wood fire

Last weekend Becky Brandow from Willow Avenue Pottery joined me for a wintery wood fire.  Yesterday, I unloaded the kiln and spent a little time taking photos. 

Every firing has it's good and bad outcomes - here are some of my favorites pieces. 

A couple slip decorated bowls glazed with amber celadon.

Snowflake impressed tile with turquoise glass
Random other things

And my favorite Becky item... you'll have to watch her blog 
for more of her work from this firing.

As I mentioned, not everything turns out as you'd hoped and I'll discuss those in my next post after I've had a little time to explore the hows and whys of my disappointment in them as well as what can be learned and improved.  

Have a great week.


Becky said...

Very excited to see them all in person! :D

Lori Buff said...

These look great, I really like the sliped bowls. I'm curious to see what went wrong and, more importantly, what you think can be done to prevent those issues.