Sunday, October 30, 2011

In Retrospect...

that enormous sea salt caramel mocha I had earlier this evening while driving from Maine to Boston may have been a mistake.  Even the little bit of caffeine in it is more than I needed just a few hours before heading to bed.  Oh well... it was delicious and will give me a little extra time tonight to visit a bit over a margarita, watch The Good Wife and write this blog post.

I'm heading home tomorrow, but I've had a great time visiting friends and meeting some new friends while joining Lori Watts of Fine Mess Pottery for a firing of her soda kiln.  

Besides the fun of working with some new people, it was a great opportunity to try some different slips and glazes in a very different firing environment than I usually work with.  Here are a few of the pieces I'd glazed for this firing.

Late in the day yesterday, we finished loading the kiln and Lori started the fire early today.  

Unfortunately, I'll have to wait a while until I receive the pots back in the mail before I know how they turned out.  

Anybody know why the last photo doesn't post oriented correctly??  The file is the right way, but when inserted into blogger it gets changed.

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Lori Buff said...

My guess is that the camera displays the orientation of the picture in the most easy to see direction (it auto rotates the image, think iPhone). But the image is actually sideways. You'd have to make the correction to the orientation in some photo editing software either on your computer or on-line. Does that make sense?
In any event, the pots look nice, can't wait to see them out of the kiln.