Thursday, June 24, 2010

Black & Green

In April just before the Bluff Country Art Tour I started making pieces in a new glaze combination. Nearly every piece I had in the black and green combination sold during the tour. This past weekend I had a small batch of new pieces in this combination and sold out of them too. So I got to work early this week glazing another kiln load of pieces with the gorgeous glossy combination. This evening I unloaded the kiln and really liked what I found. I imagine many of these will also be gone after the Eagan Art Festival this weekend..

I should have problems like that all the time. :-)


Kim Hines said...

i can see why they sold out, they're gorgeous! my black & green turns blue in the middle. it's ok, but i like yours better :)

Sue Pariseau Pottery said...

Thanks Kim. I'd used both colors separately for a long time but one day it occured to me they may look good together. And by golly, they did. Sometimes I get so stuck on using things the same way, I need to spend more time experimenting. Be well

Denise said...

wow I love that combo ,Sue!!